My cancellation insurance

Why take out cancellation and interruption insurance?

The contract guarantees you insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events before your departure (cancellation) but also during your trip (interruption). The guarantee covers the reimbursement of the costs of cancellation or modification of the trip, within the limit of the amounts invoiced by the trip organizer.


When should I subscribe to a cancellation insurance?

In order for the insurance to be valid, it must be taken out at the time of registration for the trip (from the first payment).


What amount must be declared when subscribing to the cancellation insurance?

The insured amount must correspond to the amount indicated on the final invoice from the trip organizer.

Important: Only trips of less than 25,000€ will be insured.


When does my cancellation insurance start?

Your cancellation insurance takes effect from the date of subscription to your contract. Indeed, you will be covered for the cancellation of your stay from the date of subscription until your departure date.


What is the deadline for declaring the cancellation of my trip?

You must make your request for reimbursement within 5 business days of learning of the reason for the cancellation of your trip.

How do I obtain a refund for the costs associated with the cancellation of my trip?

  • I cancel the trip with the travel agency
  • I make my request for reimbursement from my Insured Space
  • I enclose the supporting documents proving the cancellation of my trip


What are the authorized reasons for claiming cancellation coverage?

AVI International's cancellation & interruption insurance allows you to cancel or interrupt your trip for the following reasons (non-exhaustive list):

  • Illness, accident, hospitalization, or death
  • Pregnancy complication
  • Termination of employment
  • Convocation for a university exam, repetition of a year or academic failure
  • Urgent medical summons
  • Destruction or theft of your professional and/or private premises
  • Obtaining a job or an internship
  • Professional transfer, modification, or refusal of the dates of paid vacations due to the employer
  • Refusal of a tourist or student visa
  • Theft of your identity card or passport
  • Serious damage to your vehicle
  • Cancellation of the person accompanying you and being insured


What are the documents required in case of cancellation?

  • In the case of a medical event, a medical certificate attesting to your situation or that of a member of your family, will form sufficient proof for the cancellation of the stay.
  • In the case of the theft of your identity papers, a complaint filed with a competent police station will be recognized as proof.
  • In the case of a professional event, a professional email attesting to your inability to make the trip will constitute accepted proof.
  • In the case of a court summons, the official letter of summons will justify your inability to travel on the scheduled dates.

What are the main limitations of the cancellation / interruption insurance?

Are excluded from the cover taken in charge by the interruption and cancellation guarantee convalescences and affections in the process of treatment, not yet consolidated and involving a risk of brutal aggravation.

The guarantees do not apply in the case of countries at war, declared or not.